Make-A-Wish America

  During the past year, Make-A-Wish® America led an effort to measure the impact of the wish experience on wish children at least five years following their experience. While a similar study had been conducted to define the short-term effects of wishes (within one year of the wish experience), this was the first time such [...]

Chandler Unified School District

Arizona is the “Parent Choice Capital of the World” as it relates to public education. To better compete for students we first needed to determine the market interest for program ideas. WestGroup Research helps us gauge our community’s interest enabling us to add program and specialty schools that have helped us continue our enrollment group. [...]

Atlas Copco

Since starting our work with WestGroup in 2008, we have expanded our NPS customer loyalty program from eight countries and a handful of languages to more than 50 countries and close to 40 languages and dialects. In addition, the NPS score from our customers has more than doubled in this same time frame. This growth [...]

Dickinson Financial Corporation

After the sale of our flagship bank, Bank Midwest, we had a unique opportunity to retool our business model and play to our strengths – military banking, in-store banking, and from a commercial standpoint, middle-market banking. Integral to the retooling process has been the development of our new brand. This was a huge challenge for [...]