Case Study: Dickinson Financial Corporation

After the sale of our flagship bank, Bank Midwest, we had a unique opportunity to retool our business model and play to our strengths – military banking, in-store banking, and from a commercial standpoint, middle-market banking. Integral to the retooling process has been the development of our new brand. This was a huge challenge for a variety of reasons including our unique distribution system, which includes six banks in five states and a presence on 30 military installations in 17 states.

With this daunting task ahead of us, we engaged WestGroup to be our strategic research partner.

We started from square one as we needed to answer some of the most basic questions: What is our image in the various communities we serve? What makes Dickinson Financial banks unique? What do our current customers like and dislike about us? Why did our former customers leave? Insight from this research proved invaluable as we developed our new brand, tagline, and messaging points.

Next, we worked with WestGroup on a benchmark customer satisfaction study which evolved into an on-going customer experience feedback system. Now, we keep on top of what’s happening in all of our banks, in all channels, on a quarterly basis. This ongoing measurement system has provided us with the needed tool for change.

“While others will download research findings and walk away, WestGroup will lead the discussion of how discovered knowledge will assist in building the strategic architecture of a business solution. Our business and client relationship with WestGroup is not so much research relationship, but business partnership – one that shares our journey and quest for knowledge.” – Charles Freeman

Dickinson Financial Corporation

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Dickinson Financial Corporation is a family-owned financial institution based out of Kansas City, MO. Providing full-service banking solutions to both military and civilian clients.

  • DFC operates as Armed Forces Bank N.A.
  • Academy Bank A Division of Armed Forces Bank N.A. (MO & KS)
  • Academy Bank N.A. (CO)
  • Sun Bank (AZ)
  • and Southern Commerce Bank (FL)

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