WGR Privacy/Confidentiality Policy — April 1, 2009

  1. Respondents are defined as willing participants in survey research who are appropriately informed about the purpose of the survey. WestGroup Research (WGR) intends that each respondent will be delighted with their experience and willing to participate again.
  2. Telephone interviews may be monitored and recorded for quality control purposes. When recording is possible, survey respondents will be informed at the beginning of the interview. WGR will make a good faith effort to cooperate with all state and federal laws governing the recording of interviews.
  3. WGR is exempt from the “Do Not Call List” regulations since the company is a research company and not a telephone sales organization. However, WGR maintains internal “Do Not Contact” lists of telephone numbers and email addresses of those individuals who have requested not to be contacted by us. In the normal course of research, it is highly unlikely that any respondent would ever be contacted for more than one study. However, requests to be on our internal “Do Not Contact List” will be honored for up to two years for appropriate studies.
  4. No respondent information is ever used for lead generation or for any purpose other than marketing research. Respondents are anonymous and their answers are confidential. Respondents’ answers will only be reported in aggregate. Specific respondent’s answers will not be identified with them to anyone outside WGR unless authorized by the respondent. Only those WGR employees or sub-contractors who must work with the data will have access to respondent information. Sub-contractors will be required to implement the same or similar privacy policy.
  5. WGR uses computer-generated random numbers (random digit dialing) for many telephone studies requiring random samples of the general public. These numbers are dialed up to six times before being abandoned in order to accurately represent the public being researched.
  6. WGR uses customer lists provided by clients for targeted studies. Customer information that may be provided with these lists may be integrated with respondent answers in order to analyze sub samples of demographics, customer status, or customer history. Client-provided lists are used only for the contracted study and for no other purpose. Respondent identifying information will be removed from survey data files before they are returned to clients or provided to associates.
  7. Email addresses will only be used to contact respondents if they have agreed to be contacted or have a reasonable expectation that they will be contacted. This includes respondents who have opted into WGR’s lists or for sponsored studies (not blind) on behalf of clients who have relationships with respondents on lists they provide. WGR will not use false or misleading return email addresses in the survey process. WGR email survey invitations will provide a means for opting out of the survey or future surveys and WGR will advise clients who might initiate contacts to do the same.
  8. Clients may be given a minimal amount of respondent information for validation or for appending client-owned data to the survey results. However, client must agree to conduct validation or re-contact in a professional manner so as not to harass or embarrass respondents. This information may not be used for lead generation or any other purpose other than legitimate and ethical survey research purposes.