Use the Power of the Web

How do you gain the insights you need to amaze and delight your customers without wasting time or money? Do a web survey. Web surveys are an instantaneous way to reach mass social groups and to bring in large quantities of email addresses with a single pass.  But not all web surveys are alike.

Why Use WestGroup Web Surveys?

Accuracy. As a full service research firm with decades of experience conducting research with various population groups, WestGroup delivers the same high standard of data collection to our clients as on the web.
Impact. Using the right methodology can have a big impact. One of our project directors will consult with you on the best methodology for your unique research needs, ensuring you get the best information.
Faster. Web surveys are one of the most efficient ways you can gain insights that allow you to correct your daily business course to keep your customers happy.
Better. We have more comprehensive access to email databases through our panels and associations. WestGroup has executed hundreds of web based surveys for numerous clients and have the capabilities to design, program, host, and analyze virtually any web survey.

Extensive Surveying Capabilities

WestGroup Research web surveying capabilities include:

  • Daily data and quota management
  • Respondents recruited via e-mail, telephone or mail and provided with a link to access the programmed survey
  • Tracking and sending reminder e-mails
  • Questionnaire and e-mail invitation design
  • Inclusion of various visual and audio media within the survey
  • Security programs with log-on and password protocols
  • Programming of questionnaire including all types of questions and complexities (rotations, randomizations, skips, single/multiple response, Max-Diff, open ends)
  • Study design and consultation
  • Sample management, acquisition of sample
  • Sample management
  • Coding of all or a random sample of open end responses
  • Data analysis and reporting, or extortion data for use in any popular tabulation software.
  • Inbound toll-free number for support in completing survey
  • Incentive fulfillment
  • Real time statistics on survey progress

Contact a WestGroup representative to learn more about how we can help you make the most of this versatile and powerful data collection tool.

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