Discover Your Unique Company Solution

At WestGroup Research, the solutions we generate for your company extend beyond traditional business reach. With experience using various research methodologies, we will create a unique business solution best fit for your company.

Data in a vacuum doesn’t do you any good. You need somebody who can decipher what it means.

Listed below are a variety of processes and approaches we use to create your business solution for your business needs.


  • Advertising Pre / Post tests
  • B2B
  • Brand / Image
  • CLASS Analytics©
  • CLASS Reports Dashboard©
  • Communications / Media
  • Creative Testing
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Mock Juries
  • NPS / Net Promoter Score
  • New Product / Product Testing
  • Public Opinion / Social Research
  • Text Surveys
  • Transaction-based Research
  • Website Usability

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Arizona is the “Parent Choice Capital of the World” as it relates to public education. To better compete for students we first needed to determine the market interest for program ideas.  WestGroup Research helps us gauge our community’s interest enabling us to add program and specialty schools that have helped us continue our enrollment group.  Overall, the annual surveys conducted by WestGroup have proved to be valuable tools and they are well worth the time, effort and expense. They have helped us make good decisions and avoid costly mistakes on several occasions.

– Terry Locke, Director of Communications, Chandler Unified School Districts